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The Kentucky Straight

Bourbon-flavored confectionery.

Men either love bourbon, or are in the process of learning to love bourbon. For times when they can’t be drinking it, we tried all of the bourbon-infused chocolates, caramels, brittles, and even marshmallows we would get our hands on, and picked the awesomest.

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The Gentleman and Scholar

Old Fashioned toolkit.

We talked to every bartender, mixologist and saloon keep we could find until we settled on the ultimate Old Fashioned recipe. This Broquet includes all of the hardware you’re need to do it right, paired with the most kick-ass bitters on the market.

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All of the bar tools, glassware, and cockail bitters necessary for any man to make an Old Fashioned like a gentleman

The Apple Wood

BBQ ribs grill set.

Most BBQ is awesome: steaks, burgers, chops… even chicken if you’re vegetarian. But ribs are probably the pinnacle of grilling awesomeness, and also the hardest to pull off. So we built a Broquet with all the grilling tools, sauces, and wood smoking gear to do it right.

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BBQ ribs grill set
Shave like a man with Broquet's safety razor shaving kit

The Patriot

Safety razor shaving kit.

Shaving sucks and should be avoided whenever possible. Unfortunately many guys have no way around it, so we put together a Broquet to make it suck less. Safety razor, shave brush, whiskey-infused shave soap and aftershave. Served in a reclaimed cigar box.

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“Broquet puts the ‘bro’ in bromance. Shaving with The Patriot is the entire experience… I’ll never go back to lathering without a brush.”
  - Zach, San Francisco
“Thank you again for helping me get the perfect gift for my fiancé. And for contributing to our delicious brisket!”
  - Callie, Kansas City
“Nothing says 'I love you' like gourmet beef jerky. My order arrived on time, and was devoured within a couple days.”
  - Katelyn, Seattle

The Balanced Breakfast

Food pyramid in snack form.

We’ve got nothing against bacon-wrapped hot dogs, but there is something to be said for balance in one’s diet. So we turned to the USDA’s food pyramid for guidance, and filled it out with all-natural, all-delicious snack foods that any dude would be stoked on.

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The MacGyver

Tactical toolkit.

A man can get pretty far with only two tools: duct tape and WD-40. We took it a step further and added a 12-function Gerber multi-tool and Gorilla glue. Delivered in a Condor gear pouch, the tactical toolkit weights less than 3 pounds and can fix virtually anything.

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The tactical toolkit: gorilla duct tape, Gerber 12-function multi-tool, WD-40 for and Gorilla Glue
Bacon chocolate.  Bacon hot sauce.  Bacon jerky.  Bacon salt.  Bacon chocolate pancake mix.  Bacon brittle.

The Smokehouse

Bacon six ways.

Bacon is man’s best friend. So we set out to find the most awesome, unique bacon products this country has to offer, and built a Broquet that delivers bacon in six epic forms. Think of it as the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Except it’s just Bacon, no Kevin.

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Essential grill set

The Medium Rare

Essential grill set.

This Broquet is the best way for any guy to up their BBQ game fast. Perfect for guys moving into a new place, going to college, or who just generally need a grilling upgrade, our Essential Grill Set includes awesome seasonings from The Salt Lick paired with heavy duty grill tools.

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Broquets are gifts designed to deliver authentic experiences for men. Make a proper cocktail. Chop wood. Shave like your grandpa.


Our team basically eats bacon, swings axes, and cultivates facial hair all day to make sure we include only the best American brands.


Orders received by noon PST ship same day. We guarantee your Broquet will show up in great condition. Contact us any time.

The Woodsman

Wood-chopping tools.

Men are chemically wired to derive great satisfaction from swinging an axe. It’s been scientifically proven. Consider this therapy in a bucket.

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Wood chopping and camping tools including a Gerber combo axe, pigskin gloves, nylon rope, and Kodiak log carrier
California tri tip grill set

The Santa Maria

California tri tip grill set.

California’s greatest contribution to the grilling world is the tri tip cut of beef, which originated in Santa Maria. This Broquet serves up all of the grilling tools, marinades, and sauces needed to grill the perfect tri tip on any home grill.

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The Rough Rider

Moustache maintenance kit.

Ever since Teddy Roosevelt rocked his frontier-style moustache around the turn of the century, the tradition of 'stache-wearing has been an unbroken parade of manliness. Mark Spitz, Burt Reynolds, Nick Offerman. The Rough Rider lets any guy carry the moustache torch.

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Steel mustache comb, mustache wax, stainless steel scissors, and a mustache growers guide in a reclaimed cigar box
Lightweight go bag housed in a rock solid UTG messenger bag

The Recon

Lightweight go-bag.

It is important for men to be prepared for anything. Floods, fires, bank robberies, ill-advised wilderness treks, earthquakes, locust swarms, hangovers, bear attacks, shipwrecks, and the zombie apocalypse. Broquet’s lightweight go-bag makes it possible.

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The Fire Breather

Hot sauce tasting set.

We are of the firm belief that almost all foods can be improved with a well-balanced hot sauce. So we tracked down the tastiest, most innovative chili sauces this country has to offer, and deliver them with a hot sauce tasting notebook to help him keep track of the heat.

$58 | Check It Out
Hot sauce gift set featuring five of the most awesome chili sauces in the US, plus a hot sauce tasting book


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