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Spotlight: Wood Thumb

Spotlight: Wood Thumb

We caught up with the team at Wood Thumb to learn a little bit about working with reclaimed wood, and finding inspiration in San Francisco.

Tell us about how Wood Thumb got started?
Wood Thumb got started in 2011 by two brothers, Christopher and David, who set out to make a living by building beautifully designed products that embody sustainability, craftsmanship, and ingenuity.

What sets you apart from other companies out there?
Our design aesthetic really sets us apart. We mix rustic with contemporary minimalism and the beauty of reclaimed wood.

From blending materials like wood and metal to combining traditional techniques with modern tools -- we find ways to bring a fresh take to everyday products.

Describe your product in one word.
Wood. Two words: Reclaimed wood. Four words: Awesome reclaimed wood products.

Where do you source the wood you use for your products?
We use reclaimed redwood, old bourbon barrel staves, birdseye maple that had been hiding in a storage locker for years...mostly sourced from around the Bay Area. We breathe new life into old wood, yet each product still shows hints of its previous life.

Do you draw inspiration from your urban surroundings? Any limitations that come from being in the city?
We draw a lot of inspiration aesthetically from our urban surroundings. Most of our wood comes from buildings from around here. San Francisco is the greatest place to make stuff- all the people around and employed here are an integral part of our brand.

What are some simple tips you can give us when it to comes caring for wood products?
As they age, they'll change naturally with wear which is part of the beauty of them. If they need sprucing, natural oils are the way to go.

What are some exciting things we can expect from Wood Thumb in the future?
We are always creating new, innovative products for the man. We recently opened up a factory storefront as well at 354 5th St. in SOMA and we're now offering lots of classes to get people into the wood shop to learn and build.

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