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Outsourced: Valentine's Day

Outsourced: Valentine's Day

Listen, we're willing to admit that shopping for women is not one of our many strengths. So this year, we outsourced Valentine's Day to our friends at MM.Lafleur, an awesome shop based out of NYC that clearly gets women a lot more than we do.

Sure, chocolates and flowers are good. But you know what's the best? Gifting your lady something that shows you really get her, in all of her quirky glory. Below you'll find three products that definitely fit the bill, and the added benefits that come with them.

For the woman who is always cold:

You don't mind that she steals your sweaters (constantly), but she'd probably love to have her own. Keep her warm, and out of your closet, with this cozy wool wrap cardigan.

Added benefit: she'll forget all about that coconut oil foot massage you promised her last year.

For the woman who likes shiny things:

Your girl can spot a sparkly object from a mile away, making afternoon walks a tour of all your local jewelry stores. Bring the sparkle to her with a necklace, bracelet or earrings she can wear every day.

Added benefit: This has to be worth at least three of those personalized love coupons. Make it happen.

For the woman who is always up for a getaway:

She's curious, well-traveled, and never without her passport. Give her a scarf (perfect for long flights and spontaneous road trips) and start plotting your next adventure.

Added benefit: This stuff won't break the bank, but we're pretty sure it'll guilt her into buying you dinner.

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