Gift Baskets For Men
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Gift Baskets For Men

We're Building A
Manlier Gift Basket

Guys don’t want bows or wicker baskets.
So we built something better: the Broquet.

Gift Baskets Men Actually Want

The Smokehouse SHOP NOW
The Smokehouse

Bacon Six Ways


The Gentleman and Scholar SHOP NOW
The Gentleman and Scholar

Old Fashioned Cocktail Set


The Apple Wood SHOP NOW
The Apple Wood

BBQ Ribs Grill Set


The Call of the Wild SHOP NOW
The Call of the Wild

Exotic Meat Jerky Crate



The Wake and Bacon SHOP NOW
The Wake and Bacon

Manly Breakfast Essentials


Mountain Man Soap Sampler SHOP NOW
Mountain Man Soap Sampler

by Mountain Man Soap


The Chief of Beef SHOP NOW
The Chief of Beef

Ultimate Beef Jerky Crate



The Hunter Gatherer SHOP NOW
The Hunter Gatherer

Jerky and Trail Mix Snack Set


The Exam Cram SHOP NOW
The Exam Cram

Caffeinated Care Package


The Angler SHOP NOW
The Angler

Casual Fishing Kit

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