The Chief of Beef - Ultimate Beef Jerky Sampler Gift Set
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Ultimate Beef Jerky Crate

The Chief of Beef

Regular price $71.95

What’s inside

  • Savage Jerky (Original)
  • Chef’s Cut (Real Steak)
  • Field Trip Jerky x 2
  • Dynasty (Original)
  • Perky Jerky (Original)
  • True Gentleman (Honey Bourbon Brisket)
  • Dusty's Habanero Jerky Stick
Regular price $71.95

What’s inside

  • Savage Jerky (Original)
  • Chef’s Cut (Real Steak)
  • Field Trip Jerky x 2
  • Dynasty (Original)
  • Perky Jerky (Original)
  • True Gentleman (Honey Bourbon Brisket)
  • Dusty's Habanero Jerky Stick

Moo, says the cow - CHEW, says Broquet!

Are you ready to reach into a wooden crate packed with premium beef jerky from a variety of top American jerky makers? We've got steak, we've got sesame, we've got habanero, and we've got the fancy honey bourbon stuff - but above all else, what we've got is BEEF. 

That's right, there is not a strip of that turkey nonsense to be found anywhere in this box. Just good, delicious beef. We've got seven different brands and eight different flavors - a sampler pack for real carnivores.

With the Chief of Beef Ultimate Beef Jerky Collection, you're getting:

  • Savage Jerky Beef Jerky
  • Chef’s Cut Real Steak Jerky
  • Field Trip Beef Jerky x 2
  • Jerky Dynasty Original Beef Jerky
  • Perky Jerky Beef Jerky
  • True Gentleman Honey Bourbon Brisket Beef Jerky
  • Dusty's Habanero Jerky Stick

We've picked out some of the best American made beef jerky out there, and to make it that much more awesome, this jerky gift set comes packed inside a real wooden crate.

An Ode to Beef Jerky

The manliest of meats. We call a muscular man beefy. You’ve got beef with someone, they’d better watch out. If you’re acting bullish, you aren’t backing down. This is no yoke.

Broquet knows beef jerky lovers take their meat seriously. That’s why we’re packing this jerky gift set full of America’s best jerky makers, from giants in the industry to hard-working little guys with amazing product we’re excited to introduce you to. We’ve taste-tasted from the west coast to the east coast and then back again, and you’ll be happy to know this super jerky sampler pack has the seal of approval from some of the snootiest, most voracious beef jerky fanatics out there.



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